Personality Differences - Know the Best Way to Avoid Stress and ...

Are you the majority who cannot do your job well and stress out easily without email? A new study shows how personality differences affect how we use email and what we find stressful.

Jan 9

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Why It’s Necessary to Fight Work Stress and How to Do It

There are many work-related problems that crop up as a result of work stress. These are similar to stress experienced outside of the workplace (i.e., involving physical, psychological, or behavioural reactions). Employees complain about and/or ...

Jan 4

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The Tipping Point - Stress

You shouldn't underestimate the positive power of having a degree of stress in your life. Identifying the tipping point, where stress turns to burnout, is the key.

Dec 22

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How stress reinforces traumatic memories

The stress hormone cortisol strengthens memories of scary experiences. However, it is effective not only while the memory is being formed for the first time, but also later when people look back at an experience while the memory reconsolidates. ...

Dec 8

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Best Strategy to Manage Stress Depends on the Person

Stress is inevitably common in our lives and everyone equip a different coping strategy to deal with stressful events deemed fit for themselves. Some people may use coping strategies more than others. There are three techniques for keeping ...

Nov 25

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Stress and coping skills among university students: A preliminary ...

The objective of this research is to evaluate stress level and identify coping skills among students of Universiti Malaysia Sabah according to their ethnicity. A total of 252 subjects were involved in this research which ...

Nov 15

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Stress ruins your diet!

The type of fat you eat matters, but a new study suggests that the benefits of good fats vanish when stress enters the picture. This study is the first to show that stress has the potential to cancel out benefits of choosing healthier fats.

Oct 22

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Personality Traits can predict who chokes under pressure

When there’s a lot on the line - a big presentation or a tough negotiation - some people manage to stay cool under pressure, while others have a meltdown. In a new study, a team of psychological scientists from Texas A&M University examined ...

Oct 15

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An insecure childhood can make dealing with stress harder

Imagine two candidates at a high stakes job interview. One of them handles the pressure with ease and sails through the interview. The other candidate, however, feels very nervous and under-performs. Why do some people perform better than others ...

Sep 2

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Stress Shortens Life

In today's increasingly high-paced world, stress has become part and parcel of our lives. It is well-known that chronic stress and depression are detrimental to our well-being and we are often able to tell its physical manifestation in a loved one ...

Aug 15

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This Creative Pursuit Lowers Cortisol And Relieves Stress

Making art lowers the levels of stress hormones in your body, a new study finds.

Jun 17

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How To Make Peace With Something You Cannot Control

Being in control feels safe, but you can feel safe when you’re not in control too. The world is unpredictable and your power is limited, so feeling safe without control is a valuable skill.

Jun 9

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Sometimes Embracing Emotional Distress Is the Best Medicine

An unfortunate side effect of the biological revolution of psychiatry is in perceiving emotional discomfort as undesirable or bad, something we shouldn't feel, something that can be medicated away. And while medications can be life-saving and ...

Jun 8

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Live music shown to reduce stress hormones

A study has demonstrated that attending a public cultural event can induce a measurable effect on an individual's internal hormone levels. The "stress hormone" - cortisol - was reduced across the board, among other intriguing changes.

Apr 13

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Depression on the rise as Malaysians burn out from stress, expert ...

Depression will be a major mental health illness Malaysians will suffer from by 2020. Malaysian Psychiatric Association president Prof Dr Nor Zuraida Zainal said this was because more people are expected to experience increased stress due to work ...

Mar 24

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