If We Don't Feel Socially Accepted, We Get More Defensive When We've ...

When you've done something wrong, big or small, it can be hard to own up to it - particularly if you feel you've transgressed a moral or social code. Instead, you might avoid confronting the issue and become defensive.

Mar 18

Categories: Social Isolation


Preliminary Evidence that Lonely People Lose the Reflex to Mimic ...

The lack of positive social interactions such as the ability to mimic the facial expressions of others spontaneously could contribute to one’s continuous social isolation and loneliness. As loneliness has been found to increase the risks of dying, ...

Jun 20

Categories: Social Isolation


How the Internet may be changing the Brain

Researchers from Western Sydney University, Harvard University, Kings College, Oxford University and University of Manchester have found that the Internet can produce both acute and sustained alterations in specific areas of cognition, which may ...

Jun 17

Categories: Addictions, Social Isolation


Playing Video Games Generally Not Harmful to Boys' Social Development

The impact of gaming on children has plagued concerned parents for years, but recent studies have found that gaming is in fact not as detrimental to the social competence of children as most might belief. Norwegian researchers have analyzed the ...

Jun 7

Categories: Child Development, Social Isolation


A Pill for Loneliness

Just as hunger is a signal that you are hungry, loneliness is an indication that you are lacking social connections. At this day and age, there is a significant increase in people perceiving loneliness. However, researchers are looking into ...

Jan 22

Categories: Social Isolation


The Effects of Technology on Parents and Children’s Loneliness

This article talks about how the influence of technology can affect parents’ attitude towards their children and the quality of parent-children interactions.

Nov 13

Categories: Child Development, Parenting, Social Isolation


Solitude versus Loneliness

Being alone should not be misunderstood for loneliness. Being alone does not necessarily mean one is lonely in fact, having some alone time is beneficial to our well-being.

Oct 18

Categories: Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions, Adult psychological ...


Mindfulness towards Social Rejection

Engaging in Mindfulness practices makes us kinder and increases our motivation to help others, especially in a situation of a social rejection.

Oct 4

Categories: Emotional Abuse, Health Psychology, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, ...


Causes of Eating Disorders

People who have low self-esteem or often doubt and feel nervous about themselves, have a high possibility of developing eating disorders. This group of people are said to have Insecure attachment.

Aug 21

Categories: Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions, Adult psychological ...


Does Using Facebook Make People Lonelier?

Does social media use strengthen relationships, or does it displace offline interactions? New research identifies compares two contradicting hypotheses on the complicated relationship between loneliness and social internet use.

Oct 11

Categories: Friendships, Other, Social Isolation


After rejection, your brain subtly helps you make friends

Immediately after we've been shunned, a new study shows our brains engage a subtle mechanism that alters our sense of whether other people are making eye contact with us, so that we think it more likely that they are looking our way.

Jan 14

Categories: Friendships, Relationships & Marriage, Social Isolation


Social Media, Loneliness, and Anxiety in Young People

Is there a role for social media in perpetuating anxiety through feelings of disconnection and loneliness? At first glance, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter seem to be a modern means of facilitating our connectedness with others, ...

Dec 16

Categories: Addictions, Social Anxiety / Phobia, Social Isolation


Researchers Confront an Epidemic of Loneliness

The woman on the other end of the phone spoke lightheartedly of spring and of her 81st birthday the previous week. "Who did you celebrate with, Beryl?" asked Alison, whose job was to offer a kind ear. "No one, I…" And with that, Beryl’s cheer ...

Sep 19

Categories: Social Isolation


What Loneliness Is Doing To Your Heart

You may have heard that loneliness is hazardous to your health - and can even lead to an early death. Now, an analysis of 23 scientific studies gives us numbers that reveal just how sick it can really make you. People with "poor social ...

Jul 18

Categories: Social Isolation


The wealthier you get, the less social you are

Rich Americans aren't only getting richer. They're becoming more isolated from the rest of America, too. Rich Americans spend less time socializing with their family and neighbors - although they do spend more time socializing with friends. The ...

May 11

Categories: Social Isolation

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