Here's A Simple Trick For Anyone Who Finds Eye Contact Too Intense

A new finding had shown that looking at the general direction of the speaker's face without looking into the speaker's eye have the same effect as making eye contact with the speaker.

Mar 22

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Best Course of Action for Anxiety?

A new meta-analysis from Oxford University have found evidence that suggest group cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may be the best form of psychotherapy for individuals diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

Nov 7

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Modern treatment for Anxiety and Fear

Technology advancement is one of the greatest gifts in our society today. A modern form of treatment called the Virtual Reality Graded Exposure Therapy (VRGET), was invented and deemed as an effective way to treat certain phobias, anxiety, panic ...

Sep 4

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Alcohol May Calm Your Nerves for a Speech – But Harm Your ...

Having an alcoholic drink before giving a speech is tempting. The alcohol seems to calm your nerves, making you feel more relaxed. However, a new study has found that while alcohol has a calming effect, it actually impairs performance.

Jul 15

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6 ways to make a bad first impression

1. Don't try so hard to be "memorable."

Jun 14

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Anxiety - Five Things You Need to Know

What is anxiety? It is perhaps the more intense and potentially debilitating counterpart to nervousness, and should be taken note of so that we can prevent ourselves from letting it become a problem. Here are 5 things you need to know about anxiety.

May 3

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A cure for social anxiety

Social phobia is the most common anxiety disorder of our time. But the current treatment regimen for patients with this diagnosis has not proven very effective. Now a team of researchers believes they have found a cure for social anxiety disorders.

Dec 28

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Fearful 'Memories' Passed Between Generations

New study on mice suggests parents' fears can be passed on to their children. Implications of the study on understanding alcohol addiction, phobias and anxiety are discussed.

Dec 27

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The misery of weird phobias

Having a fear of buttons may sound hilarious, but in reality it can be debilitating. Patients need to be taken more seriously, by both the media and doctors, say experts.

Dec 22

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Social Media, Loneliness, and Anxiety in Young People

Is there a role for social media in perpetuating anxiety through feelings of disconnection and loneliness? At first glance, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter seem to be a modern means of facilitating our connectedness with others, ...

Dec 16

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Anxiety measure for children with autism proven reliable

Drexel University professor devised a new method to diagnose children on the spectrum for anxiety symptoms – which tend to be masked by symptoms of autism was recently proven to be effective.

Dec 12

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Sad movies help us bond with those around us - and alleviate pain

If you were old enough to see a PG-13 movie in 1997, chances are you went to see Titanic. And chances are you cried. You might have even seen the film multiple times, doing your part to make it the highest-grossing sob fest in movie history. Now, a ...

Oct 7

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A Combination Treatment Is Best For Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is thought to affect around 1 in 8 people, and is more than just being shy.

Jul 7

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Patients with Misophonia Require Help and Understanding

Some people find the sound of nails on a chalkboard or the rumbling of a snoring spouse irritating, but what if the sound of someone breathing sent you into a fit of rage? This is a reality for many sufferers of misophonia.

Nov 28

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Understanding And Overcoming Loneliness

Many lonely people wish they had social plans or a bigger network of friends to call upon. But sometimes, even when they do, they avoid contact. And this can lead to a downward spiral of more loneliness.

Oct 1

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