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17 Oct

Integrating Motivational Interviewing with CBT (Advanced)

Identifying and Restructuring Criminogenic Thinking

Date: 24 Jul 2024 - 25 Jul 2024


Across different treatment settings, practitioners routinely see clients who harm others. Such cases pose a range of challenges that are quite different from addressing the traditional mental health needs of those suffering from mainly internalizing problems such as anxiety and depression.

Join CBT Australia and award-winning author, Raymond Chip Tafrate, Ph.D., for fast paced, interactive, virtual learning sessions that will provide you with the foundational knowledge and tools to better understand, manage and prevent harmful behaviours. These intensive workshops in the Challenging Cases Series, cover a range of challenging clinical topics such as domestic and intimate partner violence, managing dysregulated anger, and addressing antisocial and criminal conduct.

The most efficient way to develop new skills is through practice - learning by doing. Therefore, all these online workshops in this series are highly interactive, incorporating structured learning activities including case examples, audio/video-recorded work samples, small group exercises and “real”-plays. Class sizes are limited to allow for practice opportunities in a virtual learning environment. The goal is for you to be able to transfer and incorporate newly learnt knowledge and skills into your real-world interactions.

The materials covered are applicable to a range of professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, psychiatric nurses, graduate students, case managers, probation/parole officers and other professionals working with clients in private practice, outpatient mental health centres, hospitals, day reporting centres, halfway and transitional housing programs, prisons and probation/parole systems.

Learning Objectives
In this workshop, participants will learn the following:

(1) Recognize key distinctions between traditional mental health treatment and effective interventions for antisocial and forensic clients

(2) Learn to conceptualize forensic cases around criminal risk domains that form the foundation for successful intervention

(3) Become proficient at spotting criminogenic thoughts and thinking patterns that drive specific incidents of antisocial and criminal conduct

(4) Appreciate that even in clients who present with both mental health problems and antisociality, the cognitions that amplify dysphoric symptoms will be different from those that facilitate criminal decisions

(5) Practice forensic CBT sequences and conversations designed to elicit criminogenic thinking

(6) Become skilled at techniques for restructuring criminogenic thoughts and thinking patterns to improve client decision-making

Duration: 9am - 1.30pm on both days (times are AEST Melbourne VIC)

Venue: Online

Website: Go to event website

Contact: Email Organizer


Language: English

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