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Online Making Body Breathing & Sensory Practice in Therapy Trauma-Informed

Date: 23 Jun 2023


This 1 day interactive Online workshop: Making Body, Breathing & Sensory Practices in Therapy Trauma-Informed is essential learning for all Clinicians, Health Professionals, Therapists, Educators, Mindfulness Practitioners, & Group Facilitators. Learn how to Translate Trauma-Informed Research and Neuroscience into Practice. This workshop is designed to help you to:

This 1 day Trauma-Informed Embodiment Practice Workshop: Move, Sense, Breathe is designed to help you to:

1. Facilitate Trauma-Responsive & Trauma-Informed Movement Practices & deepen your understanding of Interoception and the Window of Tolerance (WOT) in Practice

2. Facilitate Trauma-Responsive & Trauma-Informed Sensory Approaches & deepen your understanding of Sensory Integration in Practice

3. Facilitate Trauma-Responsive & Trauma-Informed Breathing Practices & deepen your understanding of why some people who have experienced trauma find Common Breathing Practices Overwhelming

4. Facilitate Trauma-Responsive & Trauma-Informed Language, Communication, Compassion Practices & deepen your understanding of why Relationships Come First

5. Adapt and enhance your current body-oriented, breathing & embodiment practices so that they are trauma-responsive & trauma-informed

6. Extend your practices in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Beyond the Mat and/or to Learn to Integrate other Embodiment Practices into your Trauma-Sensitive Yoga or Movement Sessions and classes

7. Understand how to develop Inclusive Practices and Environments for Clients

Duration: 9.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

Venue: Online

Website: Go to event website

Brochure: Download

$225 AUD Early Bird by 11th May 2023

$300 AUD Full Price until sold out

Language: English

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