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Restorative Practice Competencies: Engaging Significant Others

Date: 12 May 2023


In Restorative Practices the Significant Other (SO) plays an important role to both support and be a resource person to work with the wrong doer. Many times, when the facilitator does not have that relationship with the wrongdoer, SO would come in to help the facilitator to work with the wrong doer to take responsibility/ accountability of the incident and work on the restitution/resolution process. The SO also plays a critical role when we work restoratively with At-Risk, Challenging and SEN students.

The SO in the school settings would be Parents, Teachers, SNOs and others who have long contact with students - example coaches. Usually, the SO other comes into the picture when the wrongdoer is not taking responsibility or when there is repeat behaviour of the same wrongdoing or when extra support is needed by the wrongdoer. The scripted RP engagement of the SO other allows for the process to be clear, consistent and helps prepare the SO for the Restorative Conversation. Research has clearly proven better outcomes with the scripted model compared to the non-scripted model. New Zealand who was the proponents of the non-scripted model in the past have now moved towards the scripted model of

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