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22 Feb
Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy [Module B & C]
27 May
Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Schema Therapy - Workshop 1: Chronic Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Date: 25 May 2022 - 8 Jun 2022


This foundation workshop will help attendees gain an understanding of the Schema Therapy model, addressing chronic mood and anxiety disorders – A highly relevant workshop in the current environment.

There is growing research on the effectiveness of Schema Therapy for chronic depression and some early work on other treatment resistant mood disorder presentations. This 3 morning ONLINE introductory workshop will cover Schema Therapy formulation and treatment approaches for working with these presentations, including case studies, demonstrations and opportunities to practice skills. It is the foundational workshop in the certification workshop series.

Specific topics include:

- Schema Therapy models for Chronic mood disorders like Depression and Anxiety
- Schema Therapy for other Chronic Axis I Disorders like OCD & Eating Disorders
- Dealing with challenging client in session behaviours, like hopelessness
- Experiential techniques to address early adversity and schema development
- Assisting clients to build networks of support through behavioural pattern breaking
- Schema self-therapy to avoid compassion fatigue

Duration: 8.30 am to 1.30 pm

Venue: Online

Website: Go to event website

Contact: Email Organizer

S$749.00 (Early bird until 31st Mar 2022) / S$799.00 including GST

Language: English

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