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Sand Play Therapy

Date: 28 Mar 2022 - 29 Mar 2022


Why Sand Play Therapy?

• Sand Play is a NONVERBAL, NON-THREATENING symbolic way of expressing difficult experiences and emotions

• Its HEALING effect is DEEP and PERMANENT

• The process involves the WHOLE PERSON— body, mind, soul, and spirit

• Activates the individual's NATURAL SELF-HEALING capacity.


• Aids in Neuro development


•Introduction to sand play
*What sand play is and does
*Origins and applications

•Sand Play therapy for understanding particular issues and/or transforming problems

•Working with structured and unstructured Sand tray
*the pros and cons

•Guiding principles for the therapist and setting up of sand play equipment & room


•Use of Static vs. moving Sand play for particular issues presenting in childhood

•Working with adolescent issues like OCD, cutting, and anger

•Working on parent-child relationship for conflict resolution

•Sand Play therapy for adults: applications & limitations

•Explore grief, abandonment and trauma issues and how these issues manifest in sand play therapy

•Work with defenses and resistances

•Illustration of case studies

Dr. Patricia Sherwood

Dr.Patricia Sherwood is a postgraduate supervisor at Notre Dame University in Australia. She has lectured for 30years in Social Work, Psychology, Social Science, Counselling and Special Education.

• She founded the Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology and is the Director of Sophia College of Counseling

• She provides mental health and well-being training to teachers and parents in Australian schools.

• Has extensive international experience, having trained in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Africa within the fields of counselling and mental health recovery.

• She is a Sanctuary Model trainer for mental health agencies

• Currently she in the process of authoring a Sand Play Therapy book

Duration: 9 am to 4pm

Venue: Online

Website: Go to event website

Contact: Email Organizer

Brochure: Download

Normal Price: $850
Early Bird Price: $770 (Ends 7 Mar 2022)

Language: English

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