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11 Nov
A Forensic CBT Primer: Identifying and Restructuring Criminogenic Thinking (IRCT)
11 Nov
Identifying and Restructuring Criminogenic Thinking

Counselling Outside the Lines: Applications of Creative Arts Interventions with Children and Adolescents

Date: 11 Nov 2021


Research (Gladding, 2016; Vernon, 2019; Vernon & Barry, 2013) has confirmed that traditional counselling interventions which rely primarily on a verbal/auditory modality are ineffective, for the most part, with young clients. There is increasing support for incorporating creative or expressive arts interventions into the counselling process. These types of interventions are more stimulating and meaningful, which helps clients gain new perspectives and skills to help them cope with typical developmental problems as well as more serious situational problems and disorders.

In this workshop, Dr. Vernon will describe and/or demonstrate a variety of ways to expand your interventions and strategies to positively impact your young clients. Workshop participants will also have an opportunity to discuss how they can apply these strategies with their own clients. In addition, participants will collaborate with others in small groups to develop an original intervention and share it with all workshop participants. The focus will be on practical, creative techniques that can readily be adapted to address a variety of presenting problems.

Learning Objectives
In this workshop, participants will learn the following:

a. The top twelve reasons for using creative arts interventions with young clients

b. Types of creative arts interventions and advantages of using them

c. Specific, developmentally-appropriate interventions for helping children and adolescents deal with internalizing disorders: anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and self-downing

d. Specific, developmentally-appropriate interventions for helping children and adolescents deal with externalizing disorders: anger, acting out, procrastination

Duration: 9am - 1pm AEDT

Venue: Online

Website: Go to event website

Contact: Email Organizer

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AUD$ 195 / early bird pricing AUD$175

Language: English

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