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Trauma Informed SandPlay Therapy

Date: 19 Aug 2021


Trauma is characterized by unintegrated heightened experiences These are often unconscious and stored in the right hemisphere of the brain as sensory data Spontaneous sandplay is powerful in making conscious, the unconscious in a manner that is com passionate, soulful and transforming.

Dr Sherwood will present structured sequences to support outcomes for clients using sandplay These directed sequences are concise, focused and transformative using repeatable sequences for a range of traumatic clinical presentations such as substance addictions, cutting, depression, grief and suicide ideation Trauma informed sandplay processes facilitate the processing, release and transformation of trauma and promote mental health recovery for clients.

Duration: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Venue: Online

Website: Go to event website

Contact: Email Organizer

Brochure: Download

Normal Price: $490
Early Bird Price: $430 (Ends on 2 Aug)

Language: English

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