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Contemplation Cards Workshop

Date: 30 Oct 2020


The Contemplation series of cards from Estonia has a range of diverse images that opens up conversations and insights in ways that words cannot This may be particularly useful with clients who are predominantly visual learners The images and descriptions in many of the cards help
people find images, metaphors and stories to describe what is happening in their lives.


Xin Li is a trained Art Therapist, Play Therapist, Counsellor and Supervisor He received his Bachelor in Arts ( degree from the University of Missouri, St Louis and his Masters in Counselling Psychology (Art Therapy) from Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.

Xin Li has working experience in America, Singapore and China He has worked with the American Asian community, At Risk youths and in the American mental health services from 1997 to 2003 He has over ten years working experience in Singapore working at family service centres as a counsellor, supervisor and manager His recent work in China, Guangzhou involved providing training and supervision to social workers and counsellors

His passion is to work with families, teenagers and adults in using art therapy for healing and growth

Duration: 2.30pm 5.30pm

Venue: Online

Contact: Email Organizer

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Language: English

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