Treatment of clinical depression

In a previous post I described the various ways depression can manifest itself and in today’s post I wish to focus on ways to cope with or treat clinical depression. If you think you might be depressed, I have described in this post the steps to take to alleviate this very treatable ...

Aug 15

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How to make your treatment for Depression more Effective and ...

This post is directed at those who are contemplating or already receiving treatment for depression. I would like to share with you some suggestions about how you can optimize the effectiveness of the treatment for depression. These suggestions are based on both published research and from my ...

Jul 18

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What causes Depression?

Why it is important to understand the causes of clinical depression? Understanding what causes depression enables one to design the optimal treatment plan. For example, if you moved from the tropics to Canada and did not see the sun for days at a time then, your psychotherapist might point out ...

Jul 3

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Am I Doing what I Really, Really, Want to Do?

With clients who are dissatisfied with their lives and feel it is “all meaningless”, I have found it useful to ask “Are you doing what you really, really, want to do?” Initially many clients are a bit stunned by this question but then after a moment of reflection many reply ...

Feb 25

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What stops people with mental health issues from seeking treatment?

Worldwide, a large majority of those with mental illness fail to receive adequate treatment and hence undergo unnecessary suffering. Arguably as tragic is the suffering experienced by the family members who agonize about the inexplicable and seemingly never ending mental anguish of their loved ...

Feb 7

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How can you help a family member or friend who may be suffering from ...

As a practising psychologist in Singapore, I often receive calls from distraught family members asking what they can do if they have a family member or friend who they suspect is suffering from depression but who is reluctant to see a mental health professional. The main goal in this situation, is ...

Jan 25

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Book review of “My Voice: Overcoming”

On hearing of a newly published book on depression titled “My Voice; Overcoming”, I decided to contact the author, Mr Chua Seng Lee , to determine if there was some way of introducing this insightful book to readers of my blog. He was extremely friendly in our email exchanges and ...

Dec 6

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