Facing important examinations? Does it seem complicated? Is the milieu of the exam overwhelming or confusing? Do you have it all sorted out, but find the unwanted advice doled out by “well-wishers” pushing you to the edge? Do you find it hard to sift through sensible helpful suggestions and meaningless preaching from the pulpit?

Apr 25

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Diplomacy – heart of a lost art.

In a society where meeting genuine people is getting rarer by the day, the question emerges – Where is the line between diplomacy and hypocrisy? We do want people who are polite, well mannered, gentle, kind, assertive, loyal, focussed and honest. A list of wishful qualities? Not really. There are so many virtuous people around us, and then, ...

Apr 25

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Mini Nair

Mini Nair completed Masters in Clinical Psychology and is a certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. Also qualified in Human Resources Management, she has been associated with the psycho-socio-educational-familial aspects of the lives of children and adults for over 19 years now. Her work includes student and parent counseling, medical psychotherapeutics, psychodiagnostics, teaching undergraduate students of psychology, conducting Behaviour Management workshops for students, parents and teachers. She has already worked with some leading educational institutions and hospitals in Mumbai and other metros in India. Her interest in spreading awareness about personality development and growth has led her to contribute articles to the Times Wellness supplements. She currently works as an Independent Consultant. A multi-faceted personality with formal training in classical dance too, she blogs to convey thoughts that can't stay inside her head anymore!