What Happens When Depression Takes Over the Thinking

Depression can manifest differently for different people. For some, depression seems to have developed over a period of time. For others, it seems to have hit them out of the blue. Depression can range from mild, moderate, to severe. Some people may experience depression only once, or many times ...

Feb 27

Categories: Depression, Self-Confidence, Self-Criticism


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Sophia Goh

Sophia Goh is a professional counsellor and psychotherapist based in Singapore. She is passionate about helping individuals lead successful, fulfilling and well-meaning lives – one that they would be eager to jump out of bed for. She works closely with teenagers and adults to help them overcome life challenges and flourish as individuals. Sophia believes that counselling and psychotherapy should be as accessible and as normal as going to the gym, or getting a haircut. Instead of paying attention to our mental health only when issues arise, she believes that our mental health is an important aspect of human functioning that anyone can strive to improve. As a professional counsellor, Sophia is one who practices what she preaches. She reads widely on the latest evidence-based and effective practices that would help her clients become happier, more productive, successful and fulfilled.

Sophia Goh belongs to Sofia Wellness Clinic in Singapore