The Feather and the Wound

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, you decided to take yourself out for a bike ride by that beautiful park by the sea.It’s busy this morning, but you are a skilled and experienced bike rider, and you continue with confidence along the path.You get momentarily distracted and things unfold ...

Dec 7

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Emotional Bank Accounts

Think about the time when you first dated your loved one.You most likely remember the time as a joyous, exciting and fulfilling phase of your relationship. You were likely in what is commonly known as the ‘honeymoon phase’.After years together, however, most of us have a rather ...

Oct 26

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What can business teach us about relationships?

What can business teach us about relationships? I would say quite a lot. Today I want to follow up on my video from two weeks ago, where I introduced the idea that we can learn a lot from the relationships of every day life, like business relationships, to further enhance our intimate ...

Jul 1

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Dr Oberdan Marianetti

Dr Oberdan Marianetti is the founder of Essence Coaching, and the creator of the EssenceĀ® model. As a qualified Psychologist and Sexologist, Oberdan has successfully helped individuals and couples revive the excitement in their relationships and sex life. He has a keen desire to help people reconnect with their true selves - their EssenceĀ® - and form meaningful connection with others. Whether through private consultations or public workshops, Oberdan is committed to helping each individual rediscover the power and beauty of their own sexuality in an open, safe and non-judgemental environment. With the experience accumulated from private practice, he brings new perspectives on intimacy and sexuality through highly engaging and informative presentations and workshops on sexuality, sex and relationships." His work has been published by the British Psychological Society and Oxford University Press; he is a regular speaker and has developed his own Leadership model (Essence Leadership), which was featured in sector-specific publications and in TED.

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