Insights On Women Sexuality

My opening message is this, “Women you are not alone!”Today I want to share some insights on women’s sexual experiences. I am going to use the findings from a 2016 study, which for the first time gives us a coherent view on the sexual challenges women experience globally.This ...

Oct 27

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Sex and Relationships In Later Life

 Many people have a negative reaction to the thought of their parents having sex; usually it is a repugnant thought, maybe accompanied by disbelief. This may be obvious, but the reason you are reading this article is because your parents had sex. All being well, they are still having sex.A ...

May 27

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A.A.A. - Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

 Just recently I was having a conversation about masculine and feminine energies with someone new to the topic. The conversation was fascinating and it highlighted how confusing this topic can be.It also reminded me of some of the cases I came across, where the masculine and the feminine were ...

May 27

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TED Talk - Tackling the global epidemic of workplace unhappiness

Ahhh.. the weekend is finally here! But, are you dreading it when Monday comes around? Sadly, you are not alone in this global epidemic of workplace unhappiness. I shared my findings and suggested ways to 'break out of the work cubicle' with a very receptive audience at a TEDx talk. We can all design the life we want.

May 27

Categories: Career Development and Change, Workplace Issues


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Dr Oberdan Marianetti is the founder of Essence Coaching, and the creator of the EssenceĀ® model. As a qualified Psychologist and Sexologist, Oberdan has successfully helped individuals and couples revive the excitement in their relationships and sex life. He has a keen desire to help people reconnect with their true selves - their EssenceĀ® - and form meaningful connection with others. Whether through private consultations or public workshops, Oberdan is committed to helping each individual rediscover the power and beauty of their own sexuality in an open, safe and non-judgemental environment. With the experience accumulated from private practice, he brings new perspectives on intimacy and sexuality through highly engaging and informative presentations and workshops on sexuality, sex and relationships." His work has been published by the British Psychological Society and Oxford University Press; he is a regular speaker and has developed his own Leadership model (Essence Leadership), which was featured in sector-specific publications and in TED.

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