Please welcome to the stage 377a...again!

Since India's ruling to legalise gay sex on 6 Sept 20118 the debate on Section 377a of the Penal Code in Singapore has reignited.A couple of days after the ruling I received a video from a friend. The video does not show the authors, producers or institutions behind it, but the message is ...

Sep 19

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Focus on your relationship, and rediscover amazing physical intimacy

I am prepared to bet that what I am about to write applies to at least 80% of married couples. Read until the end for a fun useful activity to complete with your partner.Over the last few years I had the privilege to work with many individuals and couples on marital concerns. Specialising in ...

Jun 10

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What do you think? Is this right?

On Sunday 1st April the Straits Times (the main English-language daily broadsheet newspaper in Singapore) run an article titled "Sexual wellness items are now being sold openly on supermarket and pharmacy shelves and online grocery stores ...

Apr 4

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Older People Want and Enjoy It Too

The two articles published by the BBC this week (see below) are a good reminder of yet another dialogue we are not having, sex in the latter years of life.Let's remember that we have the potential to be sexual until the end of our days. Needs change with age and we can do more to educate people ...

Feb 15

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How youth suffer because of the lack of sexual education!


Oct 11

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Can you talk 'sex' with your doctor?

Thank you for reading my post.I base my posts on real case studies and I regularly write about relationship, leadership and sexuality questions. If you would like to read my future posts, please join us here.If you would like me to help you answer ...

Jan 26

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Ask Me Anything Series: Reignite Our Passion

The second most voted question in our Ask Me Anything series has been answered (see our question board here).If you are wondering what this is all about, visit the post where I launched the

Jan 4

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Let Us Grow Our Voice

Yesterday I watched a film for the fourth time, 'I Am' by Tom Shadyac. If you've not seen it I thoroughly recommend it.Towards the end of the film you can hear Tom narrating the following sentence, "…and yes, the moving trains today are still hunger, human rights, war and ...

Dec 26

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Where Do Babies Come From? Talking to Your Children About Sex.

I will never forget this.I was in my early teens and we were visiting my auntie. It was after lunch, when my auntie was talking with the other adults at the table about talking sex with children.

Nov 23

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Penile Pearls, Infection Or Not Infection? That Is The Question!

To all men… and your partners, this is for you.About 10 to 25% of men globally are affected by a totally normal condition that often causes great distress.The one thing I keep fighting through my work, silence, usually causes the distress.The condition goes by the scientific names of ...

Nov 15

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Demistifying Premature Ejaculation

 Many men suffer in silence.Global estimates suggest that up to 30% of men have distressing sexual experiences due to their ejaculation occurring earlier than they desire. It is called Premature Ejaculation (PE).

Nov 5

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Insights On Women Sexuality

My opening message is this, “Women you are not alone!”Today I want to share some insights on women’s sexual experiences. I am going to use the findings from a 2016 study, which for the first time gives us a coherent view on the sexual challenges women experience globally.This ...

Oct 27

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Sex and Relationships In Later Life

 Many people have a negative reaction to the thought of their parents having sex; usually it is a repugnant thought, maybe accompanied by disbelief. This may be obvious, but the reason you are reading this article is because your parents had sex. All being well, they are still having sex.A ...

May 27

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