Obsessing About Failure

There are people who obsess about missed opportunities or being bested by others. They spend hours, even weeks, replaying what had happened, wondering what went wrong and figuring out why they weren't successful. They do this to the point they get emotionally drained.Obsessing about failure is ...

Oct 14

Categories: Adult psychological development, Happiness


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Kay Vardeleon

Karen Rose "Kay" Vardeleon, RPsy is a registered psychologist and a PAP-certified specialist in Counseling Psychology. She is a co-founder of Childfam-Possibilities Psychosocial Services in Quezon City, where she holds clinic hours. She is passionate about work with persons with mood disorders, survivors of abuse and trauma, persons with non-chemical addictions, adult children of addicts, and individuals needing inner child work.

Kay Vardeleon belongs to Childfam-Possibilities Psychosocial Services - Makati Branch in Philippines