A Better Past?

(Photo credit: Chess24)Can you change the past?Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? That’s what Jeremiah asked in Scripture (13:23)Some things cannot be changed.The most unchangeable is your past. You cannot undo it. 

Nov 7

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Should You Blame Your Mother?

Where do all our problems come?That’s a question once asked of me by TV host, Mel Tiangco, in a live telecast over at GMA7.She also asked about the “mother wound” in relation to the case her program presented during the show.Psychologist and author Dr. David Stoop mentions a ...

Sep 14

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Do You Know That You’re An Artist?

 Do you know that you’re an artist? Let me explain a bit.

Oct 27

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Processing Failure Effectively

 Much deterioration in therapy happens when failure is not processed effectively.

Sep 1

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Must Illness or Trauma Fail You?

 In Western medicine, healing is equated only with health. Superficially, it sounds common sense. Logical. Obvious.

Dec 11

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Suicide and Soul Pain

 Recently, two well-loved celebrities committed suicide. The world is stunned and sad.

Jun 12

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Escape from Motherhood

Motherhood. You don't have to be a psychologist to know that quality of mothering is crucial to every human. It can make or break children. The mother-relationship is a most important relationship in every human being's life. Her character, personality, and method of child rearing have ...

Apr 23

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Healing Your Holidays

“How do I emotionally survive the ‘merry’ holidays?,” consciously or unconsciously you ask your self.Perhaps you’re going through separation, wounds from infidelity, divorce, failure, severe trauma or tension. You fear the fact that you might not enjoy the holidays. ...

Dec 23

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Healing Your Self With Reality

British poet Thomas Eliot once wrote in 1935, “Human kind can not bear very much reality.” 30 years later, he as well as his loved ones were forced to bear reality. Thomas stopped writing – and breathing. It’s painful but it’s fact.

Jan 9

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Train Psych, Anyone?

I've been thinking today of trains. Trains are weird places, don't you think? Especially crowded ones. In numerous occasions, I'd have speaking tours before Koreans and Filipinos in Seoul (also in other parts). Whenever I'd ride their trains, I'd be with fellow Filipinos. ...

Jul 7

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Growing Old Without Getting Too Anxious

On Sunday afternoons, in a Thai restaurant, I normally take time to sit down with and talk to this group of aging men about life. It's interesting that they listen a lot to me even when I'm not yet a "senior citizen!" Growing older fills their minds. Yet they seem to feel ...

Apr 10

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The Psychological Crisis of Middle Age

As people reach middle years, there appears to be a developmental or psychological crisis common to all men and women. Psychologist Dr. Eric Erikson defines middle adulthood as between 40 and 65. These are the years when people are faced more closely with the inevitable aspect of the aging ...

Oct 26

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Art Therapy Through Chess

Yesterday, during a break in my hospital group session, I was interviewed by television network GMA 7 State of the Nation of Jessica Soho on the subject of "Art Therapy." I commented to the reporter that art (i.e. drawing, writing, sculpture, dance, music, singing etc.) is an expressive ...

Aug 31

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Men In Therapy

It's clear to me that Robert started therapy because of "external pressure." He was having a severe separation crisis with his wife, Anna, who demanded counseling intervention. Anna disappeared from their home because she couldn't endure her husband's verbal and emotional ...

Mar 8

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Character and Broken Vows

Nowadays, broken marriage vows have become epidemic with over half of marriages experiencing adultery or divorce. This accounts for increasing numbers of dyfunctional families and traumatized children in our midst in need of help. Broken vows never lead anything good for society.In a counseling ...

Jan 27

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