A Key To Your Highest Self

Last night, a few of my friends met up an accident prior to their arrival in the restaurant where we set a dinner fellowship. Already delayed, they still had to go to the police station to file a report. When, finally, they arrived, I was smiling at them. Jokingly, I asked them, "What lesson ...

Jun 15

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Death and Psychotherapy

  All people will die. We all go to the grave, sooner or later. No one is exempted. Death then is an "anxiety" common to the entire humankind regardless of one's status in life. I'm reminded of my younger sister who died several years ago. While speaking to her in the ICU ...

Jun 1

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Psychotherapy in the Coffee Shop

I do many of my psychotherapy sessions in the coffee shop. That may sound surprising and even strange to you. Especially, if you're the traditional type who dislikes innovation or "outside the box." ...

May 27

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Living A Life ... Or NonLife?

The first thing I noticed about Tom was his large frame and piercing eyes. He had come to call me on my mobile phone a few hours ago. And now, we were in a hotel, drinking coffee, and eventually past the pleasantries.He reached for the marrow of his purpose for meeting me. “I need help for ...

May 2

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Solitude Therapy

Each of us is alone. In our human existence, aloneness is an inevitable fact of life. We entered this world alone. We will exit this world alone.I've discovered in my life and in the life of others that how we embrace our aloneness determines whether it will be toxic or nourishing.Toxic ...

May 1

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Are you worth the money for therapy?

  There is this man who claims he has no money for therapy. He owns a car and condominium unit, smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day, and dines out in expensive restaurants. If he sets aside funds even just by stopping smoking, he could afford to pay for his weekly personal therapy.Doctors ...

Apr 29

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Working Through Damaged Emotions

Feelings are a crucial part of the inner life. When one is psychologically disturbed or traumatized, feelings become vulnerable. A person may lose touch of the reality of his feelings. He can be alienated from his feelings.Yet these feelings don't go away. They continue to appear or surface. ...

Apr 27

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The Brain and Emotions

  I’m reminded of one of Dr. Sigmund Freud’s psychodynamic concepts, “ego defenses.” Ego defenses are inhibiting internal mechanisms that prevent us from “knowing” early emotional pain through rationalizing, analyzing, explaining away, minimizing, ...

Apr 23

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What It Takes To Heal

Healing can happen only in a climate of openness and truth.This is the tragedy of Mina. Mina was caught in adultery, one which traumatized her husband. Her need to deny or "stonewall" her wrongdoing prevented her personal, marital, and family healing. What's her primary wound? I ...

Apr 22

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Who Is A Psychotherapist?

Who is a Psychotherapist? You may be unfamiliar with the term or who he or she is. In fact, lots have misconceptions about it. Two basic words: healer, helper. A psychotherapist is one who helps people heal and resolve their emotional, mental, behavioral, or relational problems that cause ...

Apr 20

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Recovering from Trauma

In Connecticut USA, a few months ago, about 20 children from an elementary school was massacred by a 20-year-old Adam who also killed his mother and himself.You know, I have a daughter - Angel - who is still in the elementary school. I've held her closer and tighter than before after knowing of ...

Apr 10

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Laughter Therapy

Do you know that an average toddler laughs about 200 times each day? And according to researchers of laughter, the toddler registers only 6 laughs a day by the time he reaches average adulthood. Tell me, where did the toddler lose 194 laughs?I have a theory. At least, for my self. I think I start ...

Apr 7

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