From Old Wounds You’re Not Healing

 At 3 a.m., in a city bar, Lorena was drunk and starving for attention. It's hot, drippy, delicious, and she couldn't get enough of it from her flirting.

May 10

Categories: Addictions, Codependency / Dependency, Love addiction


One Psychotherapy Moment Stands Out

 One moment in psychotherapy stands out for me: when tears fall from the eyes of a wounded patient.

Mar 30

Categories: Addictions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / Trauma / Complex ...


Could You Be Imagining Your Illness?

 A psychologist reveals a striking fact in modern medicine. He tells us that modern medicine estimates  a very high 70 to 90% of all the sicknesses doctors treat are psychosomatic rather than physiological in origin.

Feb 16

Categories: Chronic Pain, Coping with Medical Problems, Pain management


Defeating Negative Emotions

Ordinarily, people get upset when faced with unpleasant or disturbing situations. It’s a common source for bad choices and moods in the game of life. I remember playing as a varsity chess player representing my university in national competitions. There were times when I’d sink ...

Jan 29

Categories: Anger Management, Communication Disorders Problems, Marital Counseling


Understanding Addiction

 A 30-year-old man is addicted to pornography and alcohol. For over 10 years of his young life, he has become progressively addicted to his chosen “drugs.”

Jan 22

Categories: Addictions, Control Issues, Family of Origin Issues / Codependency


Christmas Bibliotherapy

 It’s Christmas season again.

Dec 26

Categories: Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Depression


Must Illness or Trauma Fail You?

 In Western medicine, healing is equated only with health. Superficially, it sounds common sense. Logical. Obvious.

Dec 11

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Adult psychological development, ...


Are You in Love with Love?

 Zeny is in love. She's in love with love since she's 12. She watches one romantic movie or telenovela after another.

Sep 11

Categories: Attachment Issues, Love addiction, Relationships & Marriage


The #1 Cause of Loneliness

Rita was one confused teenager. After she got sexually molested in school, she won't talk with her mother or sisters.She said, "My Mom can't handle it. What can my sisters do?" Even with her closest friends, she'd rather not talk about it.Over time, the "secret" took ...

Jul 27

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Relationships & Marriage, ...


You Can Care But You Can't Carry People

You take care of a loved one. Or, your work involves helping others. The fact that you want to make a difference in other people's lives is noble.But here's plain truth: you won't always be able to help everyone. You can care but you can't carry people. Some resist change. Some are ...

Jun 28

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress, Emotional Abuse, Family Problems


Suicide and Soul Pain

 Recently, two well-loved celebrities committed suicide. The world is stunned and sad.

Jun 12

Categories: Adult psychological development, Depression, Suicide Prevention


Self Doubt and the Impostor Syndrome

“I’m a fraud! After being a CEO of this food company and earning millions, I don’t think it’s my talent. I’m just lucky. I didn’t do it,” said Paul during one of our teary-eyed sessions.

Jun 4

Categories: Emotional Abuse, Life Purpose / Meaning / Inner-Guidance, Mindfulness


Escape from Motherhood

Motherhood. You don't have to be a psychologist to know that quality of mothering is crucial to every human. It can make or break children. The mother-relationship is a most important relationship in every human being's life. Her character, personality, and method of child rearing have ...

Apr 23

Categories: Adult psychological development, Child Development, Parenting


Living Your Life Again

We live in a fast-paced age. The world is a smaller place because of technology, internet, and airplanes through our skies.This advancement has lots of pluses. The speed, the technology, helps. Speaking for myself, I can conduct sessions anywhere I am to attend to those from varied places or ...

Mar 26

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Adjusting to Change / Life ...


Crying Without Shame

Dina seemed incapable of receiving compliments. In our “chit chat” during session, after I’d affirmed her accomplishments and good looks, she started avoiding eye contact by staring at the floor or holding her self tightly.

Feb 17

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Depression, Emotional Abuse


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