Good Changes You Experience While in A Happy Relationship

Published on November 7, 2022

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Several people are quick to point out the negative impacts of being in a relationship. Many will claim you lose yourself, your friends and your mind. And definitely, all of this is possible when you are in the wrong type of relationship. Shivani Sadhoo says, what people never understand is, a healthy or happy relationship results in a minor loss at all. Rather, it comes with several positive changes over time. India’s top couples therapist Shivani Sadhoo says you can experience several positive changes while in a happy relationship.


You become more selfless and less selfish

This is one of the prominent obvious changes in a relationship. When you are single, you are only responsible for yourself. But when you’re in a good relationship, you start to care for the other one the same or more as you do for yourself. You look to go above and beyond for them, and you begin to become incredibly thoughtful. You are always by their side when they are feeling low. They quickly become one of your top priorities.


You value your friendships more

Contrary to the popular theory people forget about their friend’s posts they enter a relationship, plenty of people are actually more aware of their other friendships during this time while they are in a good relationship. When you are in a good relationship with your loved one, you actually start to care more about devoting good time and attention to all of your friends and relationships. You become more cognizant of all the positive things in your life so that you don’t lose them.


You feel more validated

While your love for your significant other increases exponentially in a relationship, their love for you does the same. Certainly, you already know how awesome of an individual you are, but having your caring efforts appreciated by someone you love is a welcomed form of validation.


You are more mindful of your negative habits

You must never be with someone who wishes to change who you are at heart. However, having a special one who wants you to be aware of anything negative or harmful you do to yourself is not necessarily a bad thing. This assists you squash your bad habits and grow greatly in the long run.


You become more motivated

While in the company of a good partner, you feel more encouraged to complete the mundane, daily tasks done. This is possibly because your significant one can act as a personal motivator of sorts. You always have someone there to be your supporter or a cheerleader.


As a person you become more accepting

When you are in a good relationship, you learn to love your other half for all of their best qualities and all of their flaws. Actually, their faults don’t bother you much since they’re part of the person you love.

Your appreciation for their flaws carries over to the rest of the world as well. You soon become a little less judgmental of other people, and you are more open-minded in general because of how your perspective on others alters.


You feel happier and more positive about life

In a good relationship, your complete outlook on life drastically improves. Your relationship may not always be perfect, but the truth is you have someone to love, who also loves and cares for you, can truly boost your mood.

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Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Shivani Misri Sadhoo is of Delhi's eminent Psychologist, Relationship expert and marriage counselor and works with India 's top hospital groups like Fortis Hospital, IBS (Indian Brain