Does your Partner logic away your feelings?

Published on June 29, 2022

Some people declare they are logical not emotional. They often logic away why they shouldn't feel bad or upset. They will often claim they are not emotional but logical. They may not know how to deal with your feelings. You may find that they will tell you all the reasons why you should  not feel what you feel.

Self declared logical people confuse logic with fact. They are actually very emotional, as all people, they just have learned to use a type of logic to deal with feelings they don't like to feel such as dispointment, sadness, anger etc. They will use this logic based approach as well. It may leave you feeling dismissed and angry and hurt.

Ms. Fontana discusses in her latest video.

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Tammy M. Fontana, MS NCC CTRT Sex Therapist USA

Ms. Fontana is a relationship counsellor specializing in helping people with their relationships whether it is dating, marriage, parenting or with their extended family. Her clients call her approach practical and found solutions to their problems. Ms. Fontana has obtained her Master Degree in Mental Health counselling from the United States and is a USA Nationally Certified Counsellor. She is also a Certified Choice Theory Reality Therapist and is USA trained Sex Therapist.

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