Top 5 articles on Psychology Matters Asia in 2011

Published on December 30, 2011

A new year is fast approaching with a fresh start and new challenges. Let us take a look at some of the articles that had been previously posted on Psychology Matters Asia and have been well recieved by our readers.

No 1: How to improve your life by better managing your self-talk

In preparation for a brand new year, start it out by learning how to better manage your self-talk. A recent review of psychological research concluded that human behaviour was influenced by both conscious and unconscious mental processes (Baumeister et al 2011). It seems reasonable then to divide self-talk into two types, one reflective self-talk which is conscious and the other automatic and unconscious. Look at ways that can help up you make conscious effort to minimize your negative self-talk and reinforce your positive self. Read more ...


No 2: The psychology behind riots and looting: The August 2011 English Riots

2011 has been a tumulous year fraud with social and economic instability. From the arab spring revolutions to the english riots that shocked many around the world. Following a peaceful march on 6 August 2011 in relation to the police response to the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by Metropolitan Police Service firearms officers on 4 August 2011, a riot began in Tottenham, North London. In the following days, rioting spread to several London boroughs and districts and eventually to some other areas of England. Learn what psychological factors instigated people to act in such destructive manners. Read more ....


No 3: On narcissism: its history, definition and cause

There are many psychological explanations for the occurrence of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We all can see that underlying the narcissist’s need for admiration is a fragile and deficient sense of self worth which they seek to obtain from others.  But the question arises as to why do narcissists have such a poor unstable sense of their worth. Find out more about this disorder that is more than simply looking at yourself in the mirror too often. Read more ...


No 4: Benefits of Meditation and How to easily start Meditating

Many in today's fast paced society experience sustained levels of stress either from work or their private lives. Meditation has been around since early civilization with mentions of it in the bible and the Hindu traditions of Vedantism around the 15th century BCE. A few benefits of meditation includes - reduction of anxiety, irritability, depression, increase in serenity, concentration, creativity and productivity. Learn how you can easily start basic meditation from this article. Read more ...


No 5: Differences between Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, and Social workers

A mental health provider is a professional who has received training and credentials to provide services to either ameliorate mental distress or to improve mental health and prevent mental disorders. Although there are a variety of mental health providers, the four main kinds are social workers, counsellors, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists. Read more on how they are different from each other and which profession can help you best with your condition. Read more ...

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