8 Ways Life Coaching Can Help You In Your Life While Struggling

Published on August 20, 2019

In today’s stressful world, you might find it a common occurrence to see numerous individuals going through mental health problems. For some, these mental health issues may be minor and short-lived. Unfortunately for others, they experience these difficulties in a less periodic manner. The struggle comes in creating a balance between living your best life despite the mental anxieties that you might also be struggling with daily.


Everyone goes through so many stressors in their daily lives—you included. This has a lot to do with the demands of the workplace, finances, and personal and social relationships. In general, it seems a little bit more difficult now to create a balance between all these aspects. There seems to be a prevailing sentiment to always want to do more, earn more, and achieve more all in one day. Frustrations pile up, and going to work, enjoying life, and even taking a breather becomes a struggle.


That said, if you’re struggling with mental health problems, remember that you’re not alone in dealing with these issues. There are many ways you can seek help nowadays compared to many years back. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your state of mind is to visit a life coach. Especially one with  an NLP certification at the iNLP Center, you’re better assured that your life coach is there to help you holistically and put your life back on track.


Continue reading below to learn more about the many benefits you can gain working with a life coach, and how seeking their advice can greatly help you.


1. You Develop A Sense Of Clarity 


When you’re struggling, one of the most common frustrations you’re going to face is being confused about what you want to achieve in life. Sometimes, you may lose your sense of direction and purpose when it comes to what you want to accomplish. When you visit a life coach, you’re geared back towards the direction that will lead you to first define your goals and dreams. The advice and strategies your life coach gives you will guide you to slowly but surely achieve these goals and dreams.


To help gear you towards a better direction in life, there’s no harm in trying to find a life coach. This can work to your advantage in helping you achieve that holistic and total growth for a sense of purpose in your life. Keep in mind to work with a life coach that has a life coach certification at iNLP and other credible institutions. 


2. You Become An Expert In Your Own Life


Being the captain of your own life doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an expert in it. In some cases, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you may even begin to realize that you don’t know yourself as much as you should. People who suffer from depression or anxiety tend to lose their sense of self as they become overwhelmed with their condition, making it harder for them to make decisions and walk through a path that best embodies their true identities. 


Working with a life coach is similar to having a friend who accompanies you during the high and low moments of your life. A life coach helps you shift your mindset in order to perceive your weaknesses in a positive light by turning these into opportunities for change. When you have victories, big and small, your life coach celebrates with you. They encourage you to use these to your advantage to achieve your bigger goals or have a clear direction in life. At the same time, when you make mistakes, you life coach can pinpoint how these areas can be avenues for learning instead of reasons to give up. With their help, you slowly begin to realize your potential and explore your concept of “self” by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.


3. You Get To Open Up To Someone And Share Your Experiences


When you’re struggling with mental health issues, one of the most significant hardships you can face is feeling as though you’re misunderstood. It becomes more difficult to open up to others, whether that’s your friends or family. You might often feel that they are unable to relate to your situation, or that they tend to dismiss your problems as something unimportant. If you live far from close family and friends, it’s normal for you to feel as if you’re lost, or that you don’t have anybody else to talk to. Working with a life coach can help you open up to someone who will listen and won’t judge you. 


The beauty about sharing your experiences with others is that not only do you successfully get it out of your system, but you also synthesize your experiences and emotions as you speak about them to another person, which can help clear up your mind. Whatever sentiments you may have had that remained unexpressed, unshared, and hidden can seem clearer or more purposeful. Because you get to freely open up without fear of judgment, you feel like you’re not alone, and that you’re not the only one struggling. 


4. Your Confidence Improves


Confidence is vital in life as it can be the driving force behind success. Confidence is believing in yourself and your strengths, and even your weaknesses. Success in any aspect of life can be highly dependent on how empowered your image about yourself is. Unfortunately, when you’re struggling with mental health problems and everyday stressors, your confidence suffers as well. You may think that you aren’t good for anything and that cannot ever achieve anything in your life. 


Through seeing a life coach, your confidence can improve. Not only are they experts in lifting you up, but they can also help you work through your weak points and turn these around into strengths. They can motivate you by helping you realize your true potential, which can help in gaining back your confidence and realizing your self-worth. This can, in turn, encourage you to take more opportunities without fear of being criticized, or being able to handle criticism and stresses with the right kind of mental and emotional fortitude. This does not only apply to criticisms brought about by other people, but more importantly, criticisms that you have brought upon yourself as a result of having low self-esteem and a negative mentality. The confidence that you can gain when working with a life coach can help you realize that you deserve nothing but the best out of your life.


5. You Learn To Listen More


Listening to others is a trait that can be very hard to develop. Without a doubt, this might even be one of the biggest challenges that you also have to overcome. Especially when you’re suffering from anxiety, you may have a tendency to become very defensive. Hence, it can be challenging to open up your mind and your heart to what others have to say to you. For instance, your family members might be motivating you to finally go out of the abusive relationship you’re stuck in, but no matter their good intentions, it’s instead pulling your self-esteem and self-worth even lower. Because you’re depressed, anxious, and confused, you currently experience an inability to listen or take into consideration what other people have to say. You immediately become defensive or misinterpret the meaning of their words and actions.


When you see a life coach, this inability to listen is gradually being addressed and resolved because that is what you do in every session: listen to your coach. Without knowing and understanding what it means to listen, you likely won’t achieve anything out of your sessions. You may not realize it at first, but each time you meet with your life coach, you are being taught to listen without complaints, without judgments, and with no other purpose but to hear out what your coach has to say to help you improve. In turn, your coach will give you their fullest and most since attention when it’s your turn to speak. 


Having the ability to listen well is very helpful, especially when you’re struggling. Because you have this trait, you can now be more open-minded to those around you, especially your family and friends who wish nothing but the best for you. This can even improve your relationships with them and mend what may have been previously strained relations. 


6. You Overcome Your Fears And Insecurities


One important thing to consider is this: everyone has had their dark moments in the past—even your coach is no exception. But if they can rise above their struggles, it’s not impossible that you can, too. When you run confront your fears, you’ll begin to see positive changes in your life that will bring you closer to your goal, and even your dream. 


Your life coach can help you recognize the fears and insecurities that are holding you back from achieving the best life you deserve. With their guidance, you and your life coach can come up with strategies that can help you face your fears and address them in the most effective manner. Overcoming your fears and insecurities doesn’t mean you stop being scared; instead, you’re better able to handle them in such a way that they won’t dictate how you should live your life. Depending on how you and your life coach cooperate with each other, this can be a slow and long process, but one that’s not impossible. 


7. You Learn How To Manage Your Time Better


When you have a personal emotional struggle, one of your enemies is always stress, and the lack of time for yourself or your family. If you’re always in a rush, you forget to take care of your well-being. There’s always something else more important to do, deadlines that have to be met, children’s needs to take care of, a house that has to be cleaned, mouths to feed—the list goes on and on. Self-care is always last on the list, because you know you have to earn more. But this destructive cycle doesn’t do you any good. Not only are you prolonging this negative cycle, but you’re also just adding up to the mental harm in your life.


When you work with a life coach, you can have a better sense of balance in your life because they will help you create a schedule that works best for you. While you may think that you don’t need help in this respect, consider this: if you’re going to leave time management to yourself, no time will ever be left for you to do something only truly for yourself. Life coaches are experts in this matter, wherein they will give you strategies and steps that will help you get through your days better and happier. With their guidance, you can better balance all your to-do lists without having to sacrifice self-care. Have you been wanting to have even just two hours of a body massage without having to worry about your boss suddenly calling you, or making it home in time for dinner? Now, you can do so with a life coach to teach you how to best achieve that.


8. You Will Learn How To Love Your Job Even More


It’s easy to feel as if your job is doing you no good, or that you don’t feel rewarded at the end of the day. In some cases, you may even have a tendency to just take your job for granted and forget that, once in your life, you actually wanted nothing else but this job. Naturally, hating your job every day isn’t going to do you any good. Unless you’ve got another job waiting for you, the reality for most people is that they need this because their survival, and that of their family’s, depends on this job. No matter how stressed out you are in your job, you have to find a way instead to work through the stress and pressure, at the same time also finding some measure of happiness while doing all these. 


With a life coach, you can find a way to work happily in your job. They can help shift your mindset by talking to you about work-related problems that may be causing your dissatisfaction and disappointment. Through your discussion, they may even point out underlying problems that cause you to feel unhappy and unrewarded in your employment, or they may help you realize that your skills, talents, and interests are more suited to a different career. With their guidance, you can become even more productive and efficient with your job, while also allowing yourself to work happier through your career.




Having good relationships with those around you and having mentors you can trust are one of the secrets to having a purpose-filled life. Whenever you feel like you’re unsure about anything, even of your self-worth, don’t hesitate to run to a life coach. When you’re struggling, and you begin to lose meaning and purpose, life coaching can bring this back to you. By working with a life coach, you receive guidance and are directed towards having a more positive outlook in life, as well as the path to achieving your goals and dreams.


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