How Psychology Counselling Can Help You Move Past Depression

Published on July 25, 2019

At any point in your life, you may experience feelings of being down, demotivated, and burned out. These are all symptoms of depression. 

If you find yourself in such a difficult situation, courageously seek the professional help of a psychologist. A professional counselor can guide you towards overcoming your depression and helps you move forward with your life. 

Here’s how counselling with a psychologist can help you move past depression. 

1. You Can Examine Your Thoughts From An Outside View

Instead of juggling these thoughts inside your own head, talking about your thoughts and troubles aloud gives you the chance to see them from a totally different perspective. Communicating your thoughts to another individual allows you to look at your problems from another perspective. This provides an opportunity to have a new mindset to think of your problems. 

Similarly, writing down your problems in a journal or diary is a good activity for you to examine them externally after writing them down. An engaging solo activity like this gives you the chance to view your problems objectively. 

There are cases wherein people realize that their concerns are not really substantial, after talking about it with a counselor. Many times it ultimately leads to the fact that there’s nothing really big to fuss about, which can be a significant burden to let go of.

2. You Can Be Purified

Letting out all your concerns and emotions can have a purifying experience, like purging the air from a pressurized tank. Many people have compounding concerns, which tend to pile up and give them that sinking or drowning feeling

Talking about these pent up emotions with a counselor after bottling them up for ages takes a lot of weight from the mind, and gives you the motivation to begin letting go of worries that you’ve been keeping for so long.

3. You Can Set A Specific Time To Confront Your Worries And Feelings 

In our busy and fast-paced lifestyles, our minds are always occupied by urgent concerns that should be immediately dealt with. We’re being bombarded with distractions from the time we wake up until we get back to bed. This doesn’t give us the opportunity to process our emotions, such as sadness, guilt, or grief.

Going to counselling provides an opportunity to dedicate a certain amount of time for you to take out these feelings and process them. Having a regularly set appointment with your counselor means that you’re obliged to deal with your worries and concerns within a period of time. 

This scheduled activity means that you cannot run away from dealing with your personal issues. Also, during these sessions, you’re solely focused on dealing with your emotions and will not be distracted by other day-to-day concerns.

4. You’ll Find Someone To Accompany You As You Deal With Your Problems 

People often feel alone with their problems, that is, being unable to talk to their friends and family about their personal issues. Common hurdles are fear of judgment or misunderstanding, especially when mentioning these issues to someone that’s closely related.

Talking with a professional removes that fear of judgment, giving you the ability to talk freely and without hindrance. This helps you fight the feeling of isolation and gives you the help you need so that you can deal with your concerns and find solutions.

5. You Get The Strength To Cope With Everyday Life 

Unloading your thoughts, concerns and problems through counselling, with Open Sky Psychology, gives you the ability to function daily without that huge burden bothering your mind. 

This can make you focus more on your daily life, making it more possible for you to cope. Also, you have assurance in cases if anything else comes up, you have a person to talk to and process your emotions with you. This removes the tendency for you to continuously worry about your problems during the day, which may lead to shoddy quality work and relationships and can compound your other problems.

6. You’ll Have Someone To Share The Weight Of Your Problems

Many people are overwhelmed with their emotions and problems, and it’s actually common for people to bottle these worries up. Not dealing with your problems immediately may affect your daily mood and behavior, which can worsen your other personal issues. 

Having someone to share this load can make it easier for you to find the solution and remove that heavy burden.

7. You’ll Get To Enhance Your Physical Health, Which Will Alleviate Depression

The focus of psychological counselling is your mental health. Moreover, as human beings, your mental and physical health are intertwined. People who go through counselling benefit from better appetite, more energy, higher-quality sleep, and an overall improved mood. 

All these benefits have a domino effect, giving you the motivation to exercise and be positive towards other people. 


When you go for counselling with a psychologist, you’ll have an enhanced level of self-awareness. Processing your concerns with another person lets you take a step back and look at yourself from an outside point of view. This makes you more aware of your response to stimuli and can have huge benefits on how you feel more at peace with yourself. This also boosts your self-confidence.

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