Five Ways Travelling Can Boost Your Mental Health and Relationship

Published on December 7, 2018
All those who love to travel, the days we spend exploring are just about as meaningful and fulfilling as they come. Traveling help us to escape from city chaos, disconnect from the daily problems, relieve from the work stress, experience the way other cultures live, try new variants and ideally, witness and experience a new natural wonder. More than anything else, traveling has a number of benefits to our mental health, rejuvenates our relationship and strengthens our family bond.
Renowned psychologist, marriage counselor, and relationship expert Shivani Misri Sadhoo reveals 5 ways which state traveling can boost your mental health and relationship.
1. Travelling Is a Kind Of Behavioral Activation
Dejected individuals tend to isolate themselves and ignore things that can bring pleasure, which only makes their dejection or depression worse. Increased involvement in activities that have been shown to improve mood, like travel, can help. It could be as easy as going for a walk, but something more involved, like travel.
2. Travelling Encourages Human Interaction
One of the major contributors to mental health is relationships with other people. Travelling provides couples, families, groups of friends and relatives or even people who meet as strangers an opportunity to connect over with each other with new experiences. That is incredibly important to mental health.
3. It Can Bolster Relationships
Sharing or discussing traveling experiences with your better half can make your relationship even stronger. Whether you are enjoying a romantic meal in a restaurant, or you are stumbling around in a place with a completely different culture, working in tandem through the burdens and blissful mishaps of traveling can help to boost your bond with your partner. Traveling not only teaches you a lot about yourself but it can also teach you a lot about your significant other. True, traveling cannot only make relationships, but they can also damage them too.
4. Travelling Can Have A Meaningful Impact On Our Relationships
Traveling with our family can also improve our existing relationships. Having a vacation with family boosts our relationship satisfaction. More so, given that taking part in leisure activities with your kids and spouse can improve intimacy and connectedness, also, traveling as a family will no doubt lead to stories and experiences that will be cherished in the form of memories all throughout your life.
5. It Provides Relief from Stress
Traveling grants us to reset our minds and forget about our daily errands back home.  Instead, it allows focusing on the present moment. Having a list of daily fun activities on our travel agenda can offer innovation and change in our views. You will find that you are a better person when you come

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Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Shivani Misri Sadhoo is of Delhi's eminent Psychologist, Relationship expert and marriage counselor and works with India 's top hospital groups like Fortis Hospital, IBS (Indian Brain

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