How An Anxiety Attack Turned Into An Enlightening Experience

Published on May 5, 2018

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I heard my heart pound as fast as it could! It was as if horses want to escape out of my chest. I was getting dizzier as time passed. Not to mention, I was sweating profusely. Every hair on my body went up! I knew I needed a break. My body's alarm system craved my attention.


I am happy to walk you through the beginning. From a young age, my parents and my resources have blessed with the academic skills to do well in school. I was consistently in the "higher level classes" and have been in the honor roll. I finished with undergraduate degree when I was 19 and earned second-class honors (2i or magna cum laude). Soon after, I fulfilled my childhood dream by becoming an author. Few years down the road, I had set my mind into a distinct career path. I was offered a coveted promotion that people typically receive at the height of their careers.

By merely reading the above paragraph, you will get a grasp of how seemingly fast-paced my life is. Imagine my initial reaction!


I have to admit! I experienced burnout weeks before I was given the news of advancement. My mind was overwhelmed by the greater responsibilities that I foresaw. I had an anxiety attack. The naysayers that surrounded me did not help my situation. I began to listen to them. I perceived myself in a harsh manner.

Do not worry! This story does not end here.

Several factors led me to the realization that I do not want to be stuck in this unpleasant circumstance. Aiming to achieve more shall never be a hindrance to success. I needed a serious internal overhaul. So, I started exhausting my efforts into positive decisions that will make me a better person.

Here are just some of the steps that I took:

1. A wise woman once told me that "maturity comes with acceptance". I accepted my current emotional state. As much as we want to think that we are indestructible, we are not! People will experience burnout at some point of their lives. What matters is how you handle it.

2. I surrounded myself with supportive people who saw my strengths and potentials. Friends, co-workers, family members, and my significant other were there to help me uncover my authentic self.

3. Acceptance that some things are beyond your control is vital too. It led me to practicing the "art of letting go". Take a deep breathe. It gets better!

4. I saw the positive benefits of asking for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it shows how aware you are of your limits and bounds. Furthermore, you are welcoming other people's opinions.

5. Lastly, I learned how to deal with naysayers. They are there for a reason. I see them as beings waiting for their own spotlights to shine. Rather than retaliating, it is better to treat them with graciousness. Turn the other cheek!


Please know that it is never too late for an internal overhaul! Embrace your weaknesses and transform them into your strengths. With a braver heart and a stronger mind, I am ready for anything that life will throw at me. I know that there will be more obstacles along the way but, I am eager to conquer each one.

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