Memory and Attention

Published on May 16, 2017

With many technological advances, it has been said that our attention span has decreased drastically from what it used to be. With all of us spending more time glued to our laptops and phones and the increased amount of stimulus from the environment our focus is constantly shifting.

Your memory capacity on the other hand is virtually limitless. The human brain has the ability to store more than 1 quadrillion pieces of data. Which is only the average amount of data being recorded throughout our lives. This is after the fact that 99% of the information from our environment gets discarded.

Here are some ways in which you can improve your memory and attention:

  • Exercise:

    Regular exercise helps supply oxygen to the brain which can help reduce the risk of memory loss and other related problems.

  • Getting enough sleep:

    It is said that the average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Even one hour less can reduce problem solving skills, memory and creativity.

  • Laughing:

    The phrase “laughter is the best medicine” doesn’t only hold true for physical ailments but also helps in improving memory. It helps people think more broadly and associate more freely.

  • The power of music:

    Numerous studies show that listening to music without lyrics helps increase your ability to focus. There’s no doubt that music can be very calming and soothing for people this very quality is what helps boost your concentration and focus.

  • Identifying stressors:

    Stressors act as a magnet and pulls our concentration. A way to rectify this is to “clean up” your mind. Get rid of all the stressors before you start your work, this way you will be able to concentrate or focus on your desired task for longer periods of time.

  • Adopt the 10-Minute rule:

    There are specific practices which can help increase your skill and attention up to 10 times. This includes chunking, repeating and learning to feel it. Essentially what this means is that you have to break up the task into smaller manageable portions, actively repeat the action and sense where you are making a mistake and rectify it. Doing this in small 10 minute cycles help gain better quality work as well as a better attention span. it works in three easy steps:

    1. Focus – pick out a target skill

    2. Super-high intensity practice – Block out everything else

    3. Rest – only do this when you are fresh and well rested


Written by:

Sudeeptha Grama

The Coffee Shop Counsellor, Sudeeptha Grama is a practitioner of Positive Psychology, counselling people in the field of depression, stress management, relationship management, conflict resolution and work-life balance.
She believes in creating a comfortable and empathetic environment and tackling various issues through practical

Sudeeptha Grama belongs to The CoffeeShop Counsellor in India

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