Can you talk 'sex' with your doctor?

Published on January 26, 2017

Sex is taboo for most of us.
The messages we grow up with are often negative and shameful…our sexual behaviour is affected, our mindset is affected.
Imagine this, a sex-related question pops into your head. Who do you ask? Maybe your partner or a friend, why not your doctor?
Have you ever asked your doctor about something specifically sexual? Not many people have.
If you have, congratulations for your courage. If you haven’t, remember that it takes two hands to clap.
Doctors are subjected to the same negative messages we experienced, but of course we expect them to be trained professionals, and therefore able to address all our questions.
Think again!
Many medical professionals receive only a few hours of formal human sexuality training. In fact, in a study conducted in 2010 with over 1,200 doctors in the US, over half of them (53%) felt they were not equipped to address sexual questions with their patients in clinical settings (see Ref. below).
Imagine therefore the uncomfortable situation if you and your doctor both feel embarrassed to speak about sex…the likelihood is that you would not ask, unless strictly necessary.
Sex is natural; we are here because of an act of sex.
More can be done to equip medical professionals with human sexuality knowledge, but we owe it to ourselves to be comfortable with it. Knowledge is necessary to ask the right questions for both you and your doctor.
And so, my invite to you today is, be curious about sex, learn its language and ask those questions.

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Dr Oberdan Marianetti

Dr Oberdan Marianetti is the founder of Essence Coaching, and the creator of the Essence® model.

As a qualified Psychologist and Sexologist, Oberdan has successfully helped individuals and couples revive the excitement in their relationships and sex life.

He has a keen desire to help people reconnect with their true selves - their Essence® - and form meaningful connection with others.

Whether through private consultations or public workshops, Oberdan is committed to helping each individual rediscover the power and beauty of their own sexuality in an open, safe and non-judgemental environment.

With the experience accumulated from private practice, he brings new perspectives on intimacy and sexuality through highly engaging and informative presentations and workshops on sexuality, sex and relationships."

His work has been published by the British Psychological Society and Oxford University Press; he is a regular speaker and has developed his own Leadership model (Essence Leadership), which was featured in sector-specific publications and in TED.

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