5 Tips for Parents with Exam Anxious Children

Published on September 22, 2014

5 Tips for Parents with Exam Anxious Children:
Exam's around the corner. I received some enquiries about exam related therapy sessions for children with high anxiety level. When the pressure mounts, grades suffer as well. Here are some tips for parent to work with your child.

1. Reflect: Check your words and actions

Children can be quick to pick up on your expectations. Some children works well under pressure but others may crumble and develop insecurities. Don’t hover or nag. Tell them you’ll still love them regardless of their results.

2. Find out what's really bothering them

Some children may have unrealistic expectations about their results, others may have catastrophic thinking. Have a chat without judgement, and never laugh or brush off their fears no matter how silly they may be. Listen with an open mind.

3. Teach them how to relax

Stress and relax cannot exist at the same time. Teach them to recognise signs of stress and use relaxation techniques e.g. deep breathing to control their bodily reactions. Train their mind to channel stress into positive energy.

4. Diet and Sleep Matters

Some children have a high carbohydrate and sugar diet which makes them very jittery. Others may have an irregular or late sleeping pattern which affects their mood. Switch to a high protein diet and avoid sugary drinks. Set a lights-off time and be a good example for your child.

5. Share your story

Share your personal experiences of exam anxiety and a strategy you came up with to overcome it. Use a gentle and understanding tone. Encourage your child to develop his/her own strategy. The key message is exam stress is normal and it can be managed.

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