Family Constellation Therapy: A Key to Mental Health Issues by Mental health Professional Psychologist in Mumbai

Published on May 9, 2024

What is Family and Systemic Constellation ?

We all carry our innate sense of identity, our individuality. Our programming, and our personality of who we are is so different for everyone. That’s our identity. We acquire this identity once we are born. The act of being born converts us from unlimited entity as a soul to extremely limited identity as a human being.

The framework of being in the body contains one’s understanding, energy and space. It’s hugely influenced by something that is bigger than us are systems that we belong to. We have no identity without the systems that we belong to. So, what gives us an identity is a structure bigger than us. It has all the authority and tools to give us a brand, an identity.

Lineage and Family, parents, religion, culture, sense of the divine, karma, and destiny are much bigger than us. It has a profound influence on who we are and we can’t change any of it. That’s our Spiritual Identity. With this identity comes sense of beliefs, values and self-definition. Some of these are rational but some of them are pathetic, irrational. We have to survive with them all throughout the life.

It’s not always pleasant, so we all develop strategies or competencies to live life based on who believe we are. These are our defense mechanisms, our adaptation behaviour. These strategies and competencies design our behaviour and so the environment around us.

All the systems that we belong to has huge impact on us, either positively or negatively, due to an innate need of sense of belonging in humans, some unconscious gratitude and love toward themFamily Constellations helps us to break these patterns of entanglements, carried over generations so that we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. It helps clear away blocks and restores the flow of love in your family, across generations. It frees you and your children from invisible burdens carried in order to belong in a family, across generations. It helps resolve conflicts within self and in relationships. Through this process, in a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. All unresolved and stuck areas of relationships, money, work, career, multigenerational-hereditary issues, and health problems are worked upon with Family Constellation. It gives an energetic skeleton of our issues which brings up hidden dynamics of all aspects into open and generates movement towards harmony. The results can be very transformative. It transforms your relationship with your family, work, health, money, life and much more, by uncovering and dissolving the blockages affecting them. 


It gives us an insight and helps us in making healthier and appropriate choices. 


A session of Family Constellation is carried out by a Dr Sharmila Dhobale Facilitator for a client who comes with an issue. A client chooses a representative person for the self and places him/her in the central place intuitively, which is called ‘All Knowing Field’. He/she also chooses other personalities in the family (whoever has a significance related to an issue) Also, abstract things connected to an issue, for example: money, success, happiness, confidence, support, resource, wisdom, life, death etc and place them in the field. Each of them reveals the connection to a client, in a way shows the dynamics. Light is shed on the dysfunctional aspects of the family unit. In a startlingly real way, the family dynamic is accurately depicted and is often recognized by the members of the family for the first time. Then movements of all these characters take place towards resolution with the help of a facilitator. Every person placed in the ‘All Knowing Field’ in spite of not knowing anything about the personality they represent, feels and acts the same way as the client’s that particular family member does.

This sheds light on specific emotions and relational aspects that have clear implications for the issue at hand. At higher level all human beings are connected. They are all one and a constellation session reflects that. At the end, a representative is replaced by the client to experience the shift that was created by a session.

Dr Sharmila Dhobale is a Qualified Family and Systemic Constellation Therapist Facilitator and Trainer in Mumbai, learnt with various masters and developed her own way to facilitate in Mumbai from Quantum Life University, Hyderabad.

She is also a Qualified NLP, REBT, Gestalt, Transpersonal Regression, and Inner Child Work Therapist in Mumbai. She is also a Clinical hypnotherapist in Mumbai. She has been conducting workshops on various subjects of her forte since 30 years in the corporate, educational and public sectors addressing their physical, mental, and emotional issues. She incorporates all the knowledge and experience of diverse fields and the scientific approach of Spirituality and Metaphysics for the benefit of her client’s lives’ while creating stability and astonishing growth.

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Dr Sharmila Dhobale

Harmoniee, is led by Dr. Sharmila Dhobale (B.A.M.S, Masters in Psychology), an experienced psychologist and psychotherapist in Mumbai specializing in a wide range of therapeutic treatments. With an extensive background in Family constellation therapy, past life regression therapy, hypnotherapy, gestalt, rational emotive behavior therapy, Inner Child work therapy, Rebirthing Breathwork therapy, NLP, Dr. Sharmila Dhobale offers comprehensive and effective solutions for individuals facing emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges.

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