Is regret a warning light?

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you for the ongoing support!!!I noticed a pattern that continues to show up in conversations with my clients and I want to offer it as an opportunity for reflection and growth.We probably all have some regrets, tiny or huge that they may be, they tend to be ...

Jan 4

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Dr Oberdan Marianetti


3 Ways to Manage Your (Expat) Expectations

Often frustrated, disappointed, or angry? Learn how shifting your expectations can create more peace and well-being.Let's talk about expectations. You've recently moved to a new country, or perhaps you're an expat already well adjusted to living abroad. Do your expectations influence ...

Jun 5

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How An Anxiety Attack Turned Into An Enlightening Experience

  Image Credits: pixabay.comI heard my heart pound as fast as it could! It was as if horses want to escape out of my chest. I was getting dizzier as time passed. Not to mention, I was sweating profusely. Every hair on my body went up! I knew I needed a break. My body's alarm system craved ...

May 5

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Miss Psychobabble


The burden of everyday anxiety

It speaks to the stigma that is still attached to anxiety that one doesn’t ‘have anxiety’ unless they fit the image of a nervous wreck, unable to lead an ambitious and successful life. There is disbelief and even accusations of ‘attention seeking’ behavior that those whose lives appear ordered, achievement filled, ...

Nov 11

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Cherrie Chung


Exercise and mental health: What you need to to know.

There are proven ways to manage common mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety. This includes psychotherapy or counseling, which allows a person to work through their challenges that they are facing, and to develop the skills in order to manage ...

Oct 28

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Impact of Terrorism on psychological well begin and Mental Health in ...

Objective: To find out the impact of terrorism on mental health and behavioral patterns like Jealusy,Agression and hate of men and women in Pakistan and Indian people due to terroism.Place and Duration of Study: It was conducted in Karachi and Mumbai (Pakistan and India) over a period of five ...

Nov 14

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Dr. Hayat Ali Yousefzai


International Panic Day

International Panic Day on 18th June 2016 serves as a reminder to all of us to step back and relax a bit. The folks who dedicate days to specific causes have actually assigned two official days annually to panic.  This is no doubt due to the fact that panic and stress are a common part of so ...

Jun 14

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Written By:
Dan Martin, MS Psych (Clinical), Registered Psychologist (Australia)


Understanding your Anxiety

Anxiety is an extremely common condition. Everyone feels anxious at some point or other especially when faced with a particularly stressful situation. So when does this become a problem? It crosses over from a regular experience to an actual issue when it affects our ...

Oct 9

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Deepa Panirselvam/Jeevna Bajaj


Anxiety treatment in Sydney

There are several major types of anxiety disorders, each with its own characteristics.Generalized anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person is always in a state of fear and has negative thoughts about himself / herself and his / her possessions. He / She is always ruminating about the negative side of things or ...

Oct 1

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Growing Old Without Getting Too Anxious

On Sunday afternoons, in a Thai restaurant, I normally take time to sit down with and talk to this group of aging men about life. It's interesting that they listen a lot to me even when I'm not yet a "senior citizen!" Growing older fills their minds. Yet they seem to feel ...

Apr 10

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Written By:
Dr. Angelo Subida, Psychotherapist


Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a goal directed intervention whereby a trained animal is incorporated into the therapeutic process, promoting the improvement of human’s physical, social, emotional and/or cognitive functioning. 1AAT is a therapeutic tool that can be utilized in the ...

Mar 16

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Maureen Huang, MSW, AASW


Safety Guidelines When Disclosing Mental Health Issues Online (A ...

Recently, I've heard accounts of cyberbullies targeting persons with mental health issues, particularly cult show fanbases posting on Tumblr and various blogging platforms. These cyberbullies allegedly send hate messages, feeding on the posters' anxieties with some even urging their prey to ...

Dec 29

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Kay Vardeleon


You are not alone. Being a parent can be extremely challenging.

For parents with babies 12 months and below, Maybe your baby is crying all of the time, or he or she doesn’t take interest in you.  Maybe you can’t find a way to calm your baby down, or you notice that he or she doesn’t like to be held.  Maybe your baby seems very ...

Jun 19

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Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids Pte Ltd


An Introduction To Art Therapy: A Brief Guide to Art Therapy as an ...

An Introduction to Art Therapy: A Brief Guide to Art Therapy by Andrew Wright, Art Psychotherapist, based in Dubai, UAE.) Art Therapy is a well-developed profession in the US and the UK and is an approach that is used to help people of all ages.Art Therapy is the use of the creative arts ...

Feb 20

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Andrew C Wright HCPC registered (UK)


Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Mental Health?

At times, medical conditions can mirror mental health concerns. Our thyroid is responsible for producing and regulating our hormones. These hormones in turn can affect energy levels, mood, and even weight. Abnormal thyroid levels can cause psychological concerns.If your thyroid is overactive in the ...

Dec 5

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Written By:
Dr. Hana Ra Adams PsyD., MA, LMFT