Martyrdom Just Gets You Shot: Why Sacrifice for Family Isn't Always a ...

In my workshops on psychological well-being, there's one question that keeps popping up: "Should I still support my family? I already feel drained and stressed but I don't want to be a bad son/daughter."  The question typically comes with frustration, resignation, and not a ...

Oct 31

Categories: Dependency Problems, Family of Origin Issues / Codependency, Marital ...

Written By:
Kay Vardeleon


Using music therapy to heal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

I think I am on firm ground when I say that music permeates our daily lives. On any subway you can find more than a few people sitting with their earphones, heads bobbing to music. Equally anxious to escape into another world, earphoned joggers can often be seen on big-city sidewalks dodging ...

Aug 21

Categories: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / Trauma / Complex PTSD, ...

Written By:
Tony Brown


Benefits of Meditation and How to easily start Meditating

What is meditation? Does practicing meditation daily really bring some benefits? How does one meditate? My own experience with meditation began in the 70’s with the practice of transcendental meditation (TM), followed by Benson’s non-religious version of TM aimed at stress reduction ...

Oct 3

Categories: Mindfulness Meditation, Relaxation techniques, Stress Management

Written By:
Brian Scott