You are not alone. Being a parent can be extremely challenging.

For parents with babies 12 months and below, Maybe your baby is crying all of the time, or he or she doesn’t take interest in you.  Maybe you can’t find a way to calm your baby down, or you notice that he or she doesn’t like to be held.  Maybe your baby seems very ...

Jun 19

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Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids Pte Ltd


State of support for Children with Disabilities in Singapore

When I first moved to Singapore, I was initially struck by just how differently the attitude towards children with disabilities were from what I had known it to be in the west. A number of studies have shown the extreme gap in resources for people suffering with mental health disorders throughout ...

Nov 27

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Jennifer Sunderland


Special Needs Schools for Children, Teenagers and Adults in Singapore

Below is an extensive list of schools in Singapore which offer programs for children with a developmental challenge of some kind.  One advantage of this data base is that it has been organized according to the type of challenge and age group catered to. It includes the following kinds of ...

Oct 28

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Psych Mat Asia Editor