Do You Have Bipolar Tendency or “Just” Mood Swing?

I’ve heard so many people talked about this. When someone has mood swing, she or he would asked me, “Am I have bipolar?”, “I felt ups and downs mood so I must be have bipolar, isn’t it?”, “Lately, I can’t control my emotion anymore and it ruin my ...

Feb 18

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An Introduction To Art Therapy: A Brief Guide to Art Therapy as an ...

An Introduction to Art Therapy: A Brief Guide to Art Therapy by Andrew Wright, Art Psychotherapist, based in Dubai, UAE.) Art Therapy is a well-developed profession in the US and the UK and is an approach that is used to help people of all ages.Art Therapy is the use of the creative arts ...

Feb 20

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Andrew C Wright HCPC registered (UK)


Dealing with Bipolar Disorder: Why You Shouldn't Let Anyone Tell You ...

If you have Bipolar Disorder, you've probably heard someone say: "You know what your problem is? You're not trying hard enough to control your emotions!" And yes, it's painful to hear. Basically, what your friend, parent, or just the armchair expert next door is ...

Oct 10

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Kay Vardeleon


A new way to look at Depression and hope to get better

From the theoretical orientation of Dr. William Glasser, founder of Choice Theory Reality Therapy (CTRT), depression is seen as a chosen behaviour not an emotion that you are victim to. So CTRT therapist would say you are DEPRESSING or even anxieting or angering instead of being depressed, anxious or angry. All behaviour is purposeful in ...

Aug 25

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Tammy M. Fontana, MS NCC CTRT Sex Therapist USA


Top Ten Specific Mental Disorders

Most of us worry about the possibility of getting physically sick at some time in our life and that is why insurance coverage of medical diseases is so common. However, how many of us even think about developing a psychological illness let alone get insurance coverage for it? Yet a recent and very ...

Apr 16

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