Using Technology to Help Your Sobriety

Posted on September 11, 2017

The rise in social media and smartphone apps has provided more resources for people on the road to becoming sober. In recent years, technology has played a big role for people who are trying to be sober. Here are a few ways technology can help:

1) Social media and blogs.
While not everyone may be comfortable sharing this aspect of their lives in public, it has benefits. For example, it allows others to understand the journey towards sobriety and break down stereotypes about alcoholism. Sharing your story can help in your healing, and also positively impact someone who is struggling through the same issue. Your social network can also be a strong support system.

2) Smartphone apps.
There are many sobriety-related apps with functions to support you. Some of the more common functions include keeping track of the days you’ve remained sober, sending reminders for important milestones and daily inspirational quotes. Some also remind you how much money you saved by not buying alcohol. It is easy to find these apps – just search for “sobriety” in your respective smartphone app store.

3) Facebook.
Facebook has many support groups for people who are in the process of becoming sober to join and connect with each other. These people often are going through the same struggles you are facing in recovery, allowing for a safe space to discuss.


Source material from Psych Central

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