A Simple Five Step Process for Achieving Daily Happiness

Posted on June 20, 2017

Happiness is a state that comes and goes - it doesn't stay all the time. While there isn't a one size fits all formula, below is a list of suggestion from Ilene Strauss Cohen on how to achieve happiness:

1. Take some action
If you want to achieve happiness, you need to be both responsible and committed to yourself. You must be willing to acknowledge what is going right, not only paying attention to what’s going wrong. Instead of just complaining about all those things you want to change, do something about it—or change the way you perceive the situation, which is really another way of doing something about it.

2. Know that You're in charge of Yourself
Even though you might not always feel like it, you have the freedom to choose how to deal with life's inevitable ups and downs. The important thing isn’t whether the problem gets solved; it’s how you maintain your happiness and worthiness through the process of dealing with whatever comes up that matters.

3. Put Yourself First
One aspect of achieving happiness is giving up the idea that you have to live your life the way others say you should. It involves coming to the realization that your life is precious, and you deserve just as much as anyone else to live it the way you want to. It often means choosing actions, behaviors, and decisions that please you rather than conform with what you think you ought to do.

4. Control Your Thoughts
A major aspect of becoming a happy person is changing the way you think about situations and realizing that you’re in charge of how you feel, think, and react to people. No one else can really "make" you feel any certain way.

5. Live in the Present
Living in the moment—being present in the now—is a very effective strategy for living a happy life. Enjoy every moment, tune into the now. Get your mind out of the past, which already happened, and the future, which hasn't happened yet. Bring yourself to this very moment, because that is all there is.

Happiness is a continuous effort, you can choose to be happy by making the right choices.


Source material from Psychology Today

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