This Personality Trait Makes The Average-Looking More Attractive

Posted on April 25, 2017

It has been found that average-looking men can increase their attractiveness to women by being creative. From the study, creative guys with average-looking faces were almost as appealing as really good looking guys who were not as creative. Without doubt, guys who were good-looking and creative were the most attractive.

This may be because creativity is a sign of intelligence. Dr Christopher Watkins, the study author suggests that creativity may be a signal that an individual is able to invest time and effort on a specific task or can see things from unique perspectives which is useful for survival. Unfortunately, creativity is unable to be displayed in the modern context of online dating.

However, it is worthy to note that for less attractive women, creativity could further diminish their attractiveness. Also, it has been found that creativity is not only attractive in the dating context but in friendships as well. Moreover, from previous research on attraction, it has been found that even though women said that they prefer certain personality traits, it is all about looks in reality. Perhaps, one can consider to be creative to appeal in place of being friendly and respectful.

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Source material from Psyblog

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