Single Or Married: Which Is The Most Fulfilling Life?

Posted on April 24, 2017

Being married may entitle you and your partner to a wide range of government benefits, but research has shown that there are many perks to remaining single as well. Single people are more likely to grow and develop psychologically than married couples. Moreover, they are also more sociable and resilient.

The overbearing focus of being lonely has greatly overshadowed the many psychological benefits of being single. For instance, single people have a closer network of friends, families, neighbours and co-workers. They also find more meaning in their work than married people and have greater self-determination. Furthermore, single people who feel like they are able to provide for themselves are less likely to experience negative emotions.

Perhaps, it is time to consider, taking into account all the financial and cultural advantages society grants to people who are married, single people are actually doing just as well as their married counterparts! With that being said, it is critical to note that no one status is better than other. It all depends on the kind of lifestyle that works best for our individual goals. Regardless of what society thinks, it is often best for us to do what makes us happy and more fulfilled.

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