5 Easy Gratitude Exercises To Try Today

Posted on April 20, 2017

Many of us may have heard of the psychological benefits of practicing gratitude. Yet, how many of us actually do practice it? Here are five easy ways to express our thankfulness.

1. Appreciate your partner
Expressing our thankfulness for the small things that our partner has done for us can help to strengthen and maintain the relationship. This is especially the case when these acts often go unnoticed. Moreover, studies has also shown that men is slower than women in expressing gratitude. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Say it, show it.

2. Credit others with your achievements
On our way to success, we often receive help from others. One way for us to be grateful is to let others know that their advice was helpful or their assistance had helped you achieve your goals.

3. The gratitude list
You can do this anytime, anywhere. Just write or simply think about things that you are grateful for.

4. Use body language to thank someone
Next time when you are really thankful to someone, express it with body language. Lean in, use your smile, even a touch on the upper arm and look at them in the eye. Say it like you really mean it.

5. The gratitude letter
Write a gratitude letter to someone whom you are thankful for but has never properly thanked. Tell them what you deeply appreciate about them and what they have done for it.

With these five easy steps, let us take a step back and deeply appreciate the people in our lives right now.

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