The Most Reassuring Thing You Can Say To Someone Experiencing Fear And Anxiety

Posted on March 18, 2017

Fear is insidious. Others may not be able to see it, but it may just well be lurking in the shadows, threatening to devour your confidence, your ability. The best way to deal with such fear and anxiety is to face them.

Dr Suma Chand, a clinical psychologist who helps people with phobias, says: “The most reassuring thing I can say to anyone about fear is this: All emotions change. You will never stay in a panicky state for the rest of your life. Persevere, and the fear will dissolve.”

We must know that the more we succumb to our fears, the more it grow and expands. After a while, our constant escape will be from the discomfort of fear, rather than the thing we fear. These fears are like a prison, trapping us in and preventing us from living the lives we want.

The time to address fear is when it is causing you a lot of distress and is affecting your life significantly. Everything will remain permanent if we do not step out of our comfort zone and to face our fear. Not letting our fear control us is the only way to soar and let our dreams take flight.

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