The Best Supplement to Improve Memory in Healthy People

Posted on February 8, 2017

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From reading this article to solving a math problem, your working memory is at, well, work. Working memory is responsible for processing, analyzing and manipulating pieces of information. It helps us critically think and solve problems. It is also invovled with learning and attention and other vital processes of the mind. That is why researchers attempt to find out ways to keep our working memory strong and healthy. One study has suggested an answer--omega-3!

The study's co-author, Dr. Matthew Muldoon, says that omega-3 has already been shown to help the elderly or people with medical conditions improve their cognitive performance. However, little has been done to address whether or not omega-3 can improve brain performances when we are already on top of our game. After some research, he and his team found favorable results. Although our brain performances peak in our twenties, this research shows that participants who have regular intake of omega-3 cognitively perform even better!

The research team also tried to find a mechanism that was responsible for this improvement in working memory, but there was inconclusive evidence. Nonetheless, the effects of omega-3 has still shown its merits.

Source material from PsyBlog

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