Dementia: 9 Warning Signs Everyone Should Know

Posted on August 5, 2016

Almost everyone has memory glitches from time-to-time — they are usually not a sign of dementia.

Memory is also affected by poor sleep, stress and depression.

Most people who think they have some memory problems, actually do not. The reason is that people who are having more serious memory problems are usually not aware of them.

Somewhat worrying memory problems to watch out for include:

1) Forgetting the name of a close friend or relative.
2) Regularly putting objects back in the wrong places and not remembering having left them there.
3)Asking someone the same question again 30 minutes later.

The signs above are slightly more worrying but could still be the result of stress, poor sleep or grief.

The following signs, though, are more serious and would probably warrant being checked out by a physician:

1) Not recognising close friends and relatives.
2) Getting disorientated about time and space.
3) Inability to tell the function of an everyday object — like a teapot.


Source material from Psyblog

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