The Simpler Talk Therapy That Treats Depression Effectively

Posted on July 25, 2016

Depression can be more simply treated by behavioural activation therapy, a new study concludes.

Behavioural activation therapy is a more straightforward alternative to cognitive-behavioural therapy — the gold standard of depression treamtment. The therapy itself focuses on encouraging people to take part in meaningful activities that are linked to their core values.

It helps people find out which activities make them feel better. Unfortunately, many people with depression engage in activities that ultimately make them feel worse.

The therapy helps people to make the connection between what they do and their mood.

It is also aimed at fighting avoidance and moving towards personally rewarding experiences.

Professor David Richards, the study’s first author, said:

“Effectively treating depression at low cost is a global priority.

Our finding is the most robust evidence yet that Behavioural Activation is just as effective as CBT, meaning an effective workforce could be trained much more easily and cheaply without any compromise on the high level of quality.

This is an exciting prospect for reducing waiting times and improving access to high-quality depression therapy worldwide, and offers hope for countries who are currently struggling with the impact of depression on the health of their peoples and economies.”

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Source material from Psyblog

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