Improving Communication in Relationships

Posted on October 26, 2015

There are three basic steps to being a good listener and therefore a good communicator:

1. Stay on the subject.
2. Listen to be sure you are staying on the subject.
3. Adapt your behavior if you aren’t staying on the subject

We know our similarities and differences only in relationship to others. When we aren’t able to communicate with others, we become confused and begin to doubt ourselves or we build impenetrable defenses against change.

Listening means that, instead of planning your next comment, you just listen and try to understand where your partner is coming from. Don’t comment. Don’t judge.

Conflict and confrontation are natural and healthy components of any relationship. It shakes us out of our comfort zone. And we need that in order to advance to the next level of development. Conflict is an opportunity to open up communication on a difficult subject. If you dismiss the communication, you may miss important information about yourself or the other person.

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