Are violence and mental illness always related?

Posted on October 5, 2015

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As more details about the Oregon community college shooter are released, many speculate that he suffered from mental illness and behavior issues. Those who knew accused shooter Chris Mercer say he had surface mental health and behavioral issues.

"The topic of criminalization of mentally ill folks is a very important one," Dr. Fredrick Freese said.

Are violence and mental illness always related to each other?

"Mass shootings are extremely rare, and the number of people with mental illness is extremely large. Even if some people [in] mass shootings have mental illness, it's such a small fraction of one percent that it's not related to that," said conference speaker, Dr. Susan Vogel-Scibilia.

Freese says there are two factors that increase the likelihood of violence among the mentally ill.

Understanding the factors that lead to violence is of extreme importance for nurses, city officials and law enforcement to approach such events in the most effective way possible.

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