Is online therapy for depression beneficial?

Posted on September 28, 2015

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MoodGYM was controversial when it first came out. “People did feel threatened,” said Christensen. “They said it’s unethical, harmful – you’re doing damage and you don’t know it. Or you’re stopping people from getting the real help they need.” But MoodGYM has been widely successful, without the predicted consequences.

Online therapy can help people who stay sick because there are no therapists nearby, who fear being judged or embarrassed in therapy, who can’t take time off from work, or for whom the cost of treatment is too high.

MoodGYM, like some other programs, can be completely self-guided. People who use these programs alone tend to see a small but significant effect.

Although MoodGYM helps, self-guided C.B.T. doesn’t work as well as therapy with a psychologist as people tend to stop using it. There is limited accountability.

Another big issue is that someone seriously ill might waste time tootling around with an online program, not realizing he needs more help. Or he might use a program that isn’t right for him. Seeing a therapist in real life is more likely to ensure that a patient gets the help he or she needs, as soon as possible.

Is there really a need for an online version of C.B.T for people with depression?

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