Companies develop apps to combat ADHD

Posted on September 25, 2015

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Many claim that ADHD is becoming more prevalent because of the increasing use of technology, with the use of smartphones and social media outlets being a huge contributor to lack of concentration in many people. However, a newly- released app, uHealth, could be the answer to eliminate all these distractions.

uHealth is designed to improve one's focus and attention abilities, helping to decrease impulsivity, lengthen attention span and improve focus amidst distractions. The app uses eye- tracking technology to make the users more aware of becoming distracted, which is expected to improve their attention span.

Erica Smith, a student who has ADHD, tried the uHealth app. She mainly tried the “Focus” game in the app, but claimed she feels it is a great idea in theory. She said that the eye-tracking technology tries to combat the user’s attention problems by training his or her eyes, but that does not actually target the problem of overstimulation in the brain.

uHealth is available as a free download in the Apple iTunes store.

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Source material from The Student Printz

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