Introvert On Stage

Posted on August 18, 2015

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When an actor is on stage or in front of the camera, they are not themselves. They are someone else altogether if they’re doing their job correctly. That’s what makes it possible for an introvert to endure the limelight. The reason is simple: it wasn’t them that was acting! It was the character. So, they didn’t have to be concerned with what their personal fears were.

Without the solitary time to practice delivering lines the right way, and to also memorize the lines, the actor would be incapable of giving a compelling performance. And while a director has the final say in how a character is portrayed, the actor’s ability to access the necessary internal tools to make this happen relies on his/her talent for looking inward for the inspiration. So, although the actual moments of performance may appear to be extroverted in nature, they grew from internal prompts.

Along with the ability to become another person comes the necessity to return to oneself after the role has ended. Many times, it’s like saying good-bye to a dear friend. Sometimes it takes a bit to make the complete return to normalcy.

The next time you watch a live stage performance or enjoy a motion picture, think about the process the actor’s had to go through to reach the point of readiness. Some people hold the false belief that acting is easy. It’s not. It requires a total commitment and the willingness to give up the self for awhile.

Fortunately, the strength of self that introverts innately have is instrumental in the ability to become another person and also to make the successful return to the self.


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